CEO Message

It is imperative that the borderless world had opened a new dimension for business entities to continuously be innovative and competitive in all aspects of the business that one undertakes.

At Jadeline Exchange Sdn Bhd, we think bigger, faster, wiser in all aspect of our business service delivery whilst at the same time are committed to uphold our blue print vision plans to achieve the status of the preferred leading money services provider in Malaysia and regionally by year 2023. Our policy goal is to remained competitive in providing the best money exchange rates to our customers comprises of foreign tourist, other money services companies, corporate institution, business individuals and locals travelling abroad.

As a responsible corporate citizen, JADELINE EXCHANGE uphold highly the regulatory requirements and maintain a high level of compliance discipline throughout the company operational departments.

Our ingredient for success is very much attributed to the staff strength comprises of highly motivated employees and experienced management personnel from the banking institution and various service industry sharing along vast knowledge and experience in building the organization vision for the preferred money exchange provider.

At JADELINE EXCHANGE we strive to achieve service excellence through the building of human capital assisted by staffs practical training for new recruits and educational training courses conducted internally and externally under the staff retention program.

I am proud and optimistic with the right formula incorporated in the company master blueprint, JADELINE EXCHANGE will throttle to achieve its vision to be the leading money service provider locally and regionally by year 2023.


Thank You,

Jajakhan Bin Kader Gani
(Chief Executive Officer)